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About Us

Beladamas is a strategic supplier of diamonds to some of the most prominent jewelry manufacturers and leading jewelry retailers across the world.

Global presence

By virtue of our global presence and multicultural identity, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is able to provide personalized service to each of our customers globally. Our firm adherence to ethical business practices has made us one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Multicultural Identity

The multiculturality of Beladamas enables us to have an “in-depth” knowledge of local markets.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable team

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team makes it possible to give an outstanding customized service to our clients.

Firm commitment to ethical business practices

Over the years we became one of the most trusted and reliable partners in our industry Transparency with the goods and money.
The finances of our companies are sain


A prominent player on the global market, Beladamas offers a wide range of diamonds – rounds and fancy shapes – in fine make and in all colors.

Beladamas is a strategic supplier to some of the most prominent jewelry manufacturers and leading jewelry retailers across the world. With strong financials, wide experience, expert knowledge, highly skilled team and a firm commitment to ethical business practices, Beladamas seeks to satisfy every client’s need with the very best in diamonds.

Beladamas Services


Established in 1991 as a trading company of polished diamonds, Beladamas is the result of a fruitful co-operation between Daniel van Dievoet, from a well-known Belgian business family and the family of Sajid Sathak, a business family based in Southern India.

Riding on the vision and foresight of its founders, Beladamas soon established a worldwide clientele and became one of the prominent players on the Antwerp as well as global market. This called for a regular supply of diamonds, so Beladamas established its own polishing factory in Russia in January 1996 polishing stones up to 0.70 carats in a wide variety of qualities and colors. A year later, a second production facility was set up to polish larger diamonds – 0.70 carats and above. As manufacturing grew, a network of sales offices were opened in premier diamond trading centres across the globe – Dubai (1996), New York (1997), Bangkok (1994), Chennaï (2008) and Mumbai (2012). Today, Beladamas boasts a long list of satisfied clients across the world. Besides manufacturing and marketing of polished diamonds, Beladamas also deals in rough diamonds – opening its rough diamond trading department in 2007. Beladamas covers a wide range of the rough diamond field – small sizes to stones above 3 carats.

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Since taking over as Managing Directors in January 2012, Nafees Ahmed and Christophe de Borrekens have gone the extra mile to successfully meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Coming from different ethnic backgrounds, they are able to identify the best business practices from each of their cultures and implement them in the business, giving themselves a unique business advantage. Leveraging their extended experience in the diamond industry to the utmost, Nafees and Christophe are eager to implement the vision of the founders – scaling ever greater heights of excellence.

Our Team

Driven by the multicultural DNA of the group, the team members understand and adapt to the needs of specific local markets, yet maintaining the core values of precision and consistency.

Beladamas firmly believes in building long lasting relationships with its clients that evolve into true partnerships. The team at Beladamas has an extended experience in the diamond industry and share a common vision of excellence in everything they do.

Christophe de Borrekens

Christophe de Borrekens

Managing Director

Beladamas DMCC - Dubaï

Nafees Ahmed


Managing Director

Antwerp - Belgium

Sabbique Ahmed


Managing Director

Bangkok - Thailand

Kasim Ahmed


Managing Director

New York - USA

Kassim Seyed


Managing Director

Mumbai - India

Mitesh Surti


Managing Director

Dubai - United Arabian Emirates

Geoffrey Dejonghe


Sales Manager Polished Department

Beladamas Antwerp

Koen van Baarle

van Baarle

Sales Manager Polished Department

Beladamas Antwerp

Philippe d'Oultremont


Sales Manager Polished Department

Beladamas Antwerp

Martino Francinetti


Manager Rough Department

Beladamas - Antwerp

Patrice Woitrin


Sales Polished department

Beladamas Antwerp

Serge Couvreur



Antwerp Belgium

Our Services

Polished Diamonds

Beladamas provides a wide variety of polished diamonds in a nice to excellent make.

  • Round brilliants from 1/10 carats up to 10 carats in all qualities and colors
  • Fancy shapes from 1/2 carats up to 10 carats in all qualities and colors
  • Comprehensive and consistent assortment of 6 shades and 10 clarity assortments from 1/10 points up to 90 points
  • AGS, HRD, IGI and GIA certification available for better qualities in 1/3 carats and above

Beladamas also offers a host of industry related services.

  • Consistent assortments on regular basis
  • Making customized orders
  • Bagging & matching of orders
  • Buying office for customers

Rough Diamonds

Beladamas offers a wide selection of rough diamonds.

  • Roughs above 3 carats
  • A wide range of roughs in small sizes
  • All qualities – white, yellow and brown
  • All kinds of roughs – DTC, Russian and Angolan
  • Rough diamonds for industrial applications – dies, dressers, shaping tools, etc.

Contact us

Thank you for spending your time on our website. Please feel free to contact us at any of the following addresses.

Beladamas Antwerp

Beladamas Nv.
Contact Person: Nafees Ahmed
Pelikaanstraat 62
Antwerp 2018 Belgium
T +32 3 231 63 55
F +32 3 231 60 82

Beladamas USA

Beladamas Inc.
Contact Person: Kasim Ahmed
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 708
New York 10036 U.S.A.
T +1 212 869 1592
F +1 212 869 9137

CDS Gems

Contact Person: Sabique Ahmed
Suite 3109
919/394 Silom Road
10500 Bangral/Bangkok
T +66 2630 0743

Beladamas Middle-East DMCC

Contact Person: Mitesh Surti / Christophe de Borrekens
Unit 6/level 1 PDMCC Business Center
Jewellery & Gemplex
United Arabian Emirates
T +97 1423 81484
F +97 1423 82136

Beladamas Diamond LLP

Contact Person: Kassim Seyed
CC-2180, Bharat Diamond Bourse,
BKC, Bandra(E),
Mumbai 400 051
T +91 22 6708 8080
F +91 22 6708 4040
M +91 97693 81955

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